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Safest operator

Safety is a value integrated in our culture and we cooperate with other operators to strengthen our safety culture and achieve zero major accidents and avoid injuries and undesirable incidents in our daily work.

This is dependent on a well-designed site with intact physical integrity of structure and equipment. These physical elements make up the basis for creating a working environment that protects all workers from physical and mental harm.

Healthy and safe work conditions also impact productivity and engagement among the workforce in a positive way. In turn, this leads to changes and improvements as enablers to drive both safety results and financial results for the company.

The safety or our employees and our contractors is always the main priority. We will be the safest operator in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

offshore worker posing for safety

Occupational health and safety

A comprehensive occupational health and safety management system ensures that we identify, understand, mitigate, and manage occupational health and safety risks throughout our offshore and onshore activities.

The management system is based on regulatory requirements, mainly Petroleum Act and Working Environment Act including applicable regulations. In addition, the system follows international, national, and industry-specific standards.

All employees and contractors working under Vår Energi’s control, are covered by and shall comply with our Occupational health and safety management system.


Always Safe 

We are a part of the Always Safe network, a collaboration between Equinor, Aker BP and ConocoPhillips, with the support of BehaviorLab. The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen the culture of safety within the industry and together work towards the objective of absence of major accidents, and avoid unwanted events in our daily work.

On the Always Safe website you will find HSSE-learning courses within the four subjects of the annual safety wheel. The learning courses contributes to our zero visjon on strengthening the culture of safety and increase the correct safety behaviour. New learning courses will be made available at the beginning of each quarter.

The learning courses are designed to be used as a team exercise, so the leaders actively can engage their teams in important safety matters and oblige to local measures. The process contributes to identify and solve safety challenges by collecting the feedback from the teams and reporting it back to the relevant functions. The learning courses are not meant to be distributed or used being the purpose and scope of these learning activities.

always safe annual wheel for activities

High performing organization

We aim to maintain, attract, and further develop a diverse and professional workforce.

Change and development is driven through a mindset of setting direction, engaging for action and empowering for solutions, focusing on totality and fostering effective cooperation.

We respect and value the exclusive contribution of each individual to our company, committing ourselves to create an inclusive work environment that respects every individual’s dignity and recognizes the power of differences.

Fire glade menn spiller fotballspill. Bygge en sterk organsisasjon er en prioritering som inngår i vår strategi.

Local value creation

We purchased goods and services for about NOK 16.3 billion in 2022 where more than 95% of the suppliers were based in Norway.

Local value creation and ripple effects are key to us, contribution through industrial activity, job creation and competence development in the communities where Vår Energi operates are key components. Combined, we have created more than 10 000 jobs and expects to contribute nearly NOK 40 billion in taxes for 2022.

Barn somklatrer i Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka
Barn som spiller dataspill i Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka
Gutt på rulleskøyter i Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka

Folkehallene (Peoples Arenas)

We are proud of our collaboration with Folkehallene in the Stavanger region. A large part of Folkehallene is to get children and young people interested in physical activity. The collaboration makes perfect sense for us, because physical activity leads to social development, skills and other positive effects for society. This is perfectly aligned with Vår Energi’s vision on creating a better future.

We contribute to Folkehallene’s economy, ensuring continuity and quality in the work related to children and young people in the region.

The collaboration ensures free access to four venues for all children under the age of 16 – contribution to keeping children active, and also helps to reduce exclusion.

Unge deltakere i Sami maraton i Finnmark

Local presence

  • Arctic Talent (music scholarship)
  • Hammerfest Kulturskole
  • Perleporten (cultural scene – Honningsvåg)
  • Scholarship collaboration with the University of Stavanger (UiS) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • The Church City Mission (Stavanger)
  • The street magazine Asfalt
  • Viking Football Club’s recreational teams for children –
    The Vår Energi Cup
  • The Norwegian Petroleum Museum
  • The Science Factory
  • The Stavanger Cathedral Choirs
  • The NRK Telethon in Rogaland
  • Junior Achievement Rogaland – The Vår Energi Challenge
  • Sirma IL
  • Junior Achievement Finnmark
  • Nordkapp Film Festival
  • The Varanger Festival
  • Sørøyrocken
  • Newton Room
  • Skaidi Xtreme Youth
  • Vår Energi Arena (Hammerfest)
Barn som jubler under Vår Cup 2023

Employee with old textiles in front of Jotun ship. Photo.

Jotun FPSO redesign-project

Ane Mo works with the Balder Future-project. Early in 2021 she had an idea – an idea that quickly turned to a redesign-project that are now engaging creative young people at Jaeren.

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Danielle Howlett, Senior Geoscientist Vår Energi

Spire creates a meeting place for young employees at Vår Energi

Working at Vår Energi means having freedom within your own projects, diversity in terms of people and culture, and last but not least – lunches filled with laughter, according to geoscientists Danielle Howlett and Laura Vaiciulyte.

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Ansatte som sitter rundt et bord og jobber

All eyes on us!

Balder Future is one of the largest projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), and Vår Energi´s key to future growth and production.

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