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Realising the full potential

As a people-centred organisation with a strong legacy, Vår Energi endeavours to be a high-performing organisation in every aspect of its business.

In addition to fostering a safe and healthy work environment, Vår Energi is maintaining low employee turnover and is targeting 30% female share of permanent employees by 2025. Vår Energi values local community engagement and in addition to awarding long term HSSEQ contracts to local suppliers, funds local scholarships for educational institutions and collaborates with municipal schools.

Vår Energi is preparing for future growth and implemented during 2022 a new organisational structure and strengthened management team. The simplified organisation aims to increase flexibility and productivity while developing capabilities. This includes people development, continued improvement on safety, cost reductions and operating efficiencies.

~1 300



focus on health and work environment


employee turnover

30 %

gender diversity target by 2025

Employment and opportunities

We are more than 1 300 skilled and engaged employees on platforms and in our offices in Hammerfest, Oslo, Florø and Stavanger. Everyone has important jobs with meaning. We believe in diversity and the opportunities this provides. That is why we need experienced professionals who have been “in the game” for a while, and the young people with a fresh perspective and new knowledge. 

A place of work you can be proud of

With Vår Energi you will have meaningful tasks and work in a company you can be proud of. We encourage personal and professional growth in a company that is large enough for you to work and develop within different professional fields, but yet small enough that we know and take care of each other. We are a young company with a proud history – in total we have over 50 years of experience from the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

This means you will be a part of building the company, as well as collaborating with colleagues with a high level of professional knowledge.


quote_left_fill Working at Vår Energi means quite a lot of freedom within your own projects, a great diversity of people and cultures. And also lunches filled with laughter.
Laura Vaiciulyte, senior geoviter i Vår Energi

Our social commitment

We create activity, growth and opportunities in the local communities where we are present. That is why we are focused local collaboration to make a difference in the community. We are committed to improve the general health of the public, reduce outsideness, and contribute to building a better future for young people. We do this by boosting the available activities in the region.

Read more about our work for a more sustainable society.

Mannlig ansatt med kollegaer i bakgrunnen

Do you want to join us in solving the challenges of the future?

The world today is dependent on secure and stable access to energy, at the same time as the climate crisis need solving. We are committed to FN´s sustainability objectives, and will reduce our environmental impact, while at the same time supplying Europe with energy for a long time ahead. To create a more sustainable future, we need smart minds who can contribute to solving both these challenges.

How we work with sustainability.


Young Professional smiler til kameraHave you just finished school and are looking for a company where you can kickstart your career? Vår Energi is moving full speed into the future, and we need smart young minds to face tomorrow’s challenges. We are looking for young people with new impulses to our graduate-program. Every year we hire newly graduated who wants to follow a development program.  You will have the opportunity to contribute to develop Vår Energi and solve the challenges of the future.

Our graduate program

To ansatte som står å ser på ei tavle.As part of our graduate-program, you will have permanent employment with us. We are focused on personal and professional development, and facilitate for our graduates to follow a introduction program. You will be responsible for your own tasks and projects, while you will also have your own development- and career plan.

We want you to work independently, make independent decisions and influence the company, while being supported by more experienced colleagues to ensure you have a great start to work life.

Graduate-positions are normally posted in september with start in august, the next year.

Graduate-student Filip share his experience. 

Malekurs arrangert av Spire i Vår Energi.

As graduate you will have:

…a mentor who will show you around, introduce you to colleagues and ensure you are cared for both professionally and socially.

…onboarding activities to get to know other graduates. Both social and professional activities.

…a development plan with different learning activities.

…membership at Spire, a social network for employees under 35 years.

The recruitment process


You can apply relevant positions at open positions. We post graduate positions once a year.


Selected candidates will receive an invitation to a digital interview, where we will get to know each other better, and you are free to ask questions.


If we are a great match, you will be invited to an assignment gathering, where you will be assigned tasks to solve individually and in groups.


You will receive feedback and potentially an offer.

quote_left_fill What is great about Vår Energi’s graduate program, is that it is a program. Being part of a program, means I will have the opportunity to explore several aspects of my professional field, before I eventually make an assessment together with my manager where I wish to continue.
Filip Sandberg fra Lillesand deltar i graduateprogrammet i supply chain management hos Vår Energi.

Where to meet us

Every year we visit different universities and colleges to meet students. We are happy to share what it is like working at Vår Energi, and what we can offer.

Events Archive

Karrieredagen at UiS incl. evening event

19 September 2023 9:00 am

Universitetet i Stavanger

Karrieredagen at UiB

Realfagsbygget i Allégaten 41

21 September 2023 12:00 pm

Universitetet i Bergen

Company presentation for INDØK at UiS

10 January 2024

University of Stavanger

Company presentation for SPE at UiS

16 January 2024

University of Stavanger

Company presentation for Bergstuderendes Forening at NTNU

17 January 2024


Company presentation for Mjøllnir at UiB

24 January 2024

University of Bergen

IV-Dagene at NTNU

20 February 2024



A great working environment for everyone, is important to us. That is why we established Spire – a member organisation, by and for employees under the age of 35. As a part of our young professionals-network, SPIRE is a forum creating a place to meet for young employees, across all functions, both onshore and offshore.

Spire also works to connect students, graduates and the young employees at Vår Energi, with the objective to create a great foundation for new employees. Graduates, apprentices and summer-interns are never alone. Through Spire you have access to a network and able to kickstart your career.

Spire activities

Sharing knowledge

Spire organize several events and activities throughout the year, focusing on sharing and increasing knowledge. Professional days and “Spire Talks” are some examples of arenas where you can gain insight to a profession, a project or where you can address professional discussions.


Spire strives to facilitate for students and newly graduated to have a network who can contribute to build relations across departments, locations and roles.

Social activities

Spire organizes several social events and activities through the year.

Styremedlemmer i Spire
quote_left_fill At Vår Energi we have a great combination of business and fun. We can go into technical details, combined with much laughter.
Danielle Howlett, Senior Geoscientist Vår Energi


Kvinnelig ansatt med verneutstyr, på RinghorneWould you like to do your apprenticeship with one of Norway’s largest oil- and gas companies where you can develop professionally in a great working environment?

We are cheering for apprentices, and are actively working to recruit and introduce young professionals to the oil- and gas industry, which we have a lot of positive experience with. Every year we recruit new offshore-apprentices.

The professionals of the future

To ansatte på Goliat.

As a part of our social responsibility, it is important to us to contribute to building the professionals of the future. At Vår Energy we are passionate about contributing to developing skilled professionals within oil and gas. Our employees should thrive in their work, feel secure and feel mastery. We dedicate resources to follow up on our apprentices, have great routines for onboarding and follow-up during their apprenticeship. We have a long term perspective when we hire apprentices, and have a objective that the apprenticeship should be the start of a long career in the oil and gas industry.

Read more about Agnete and her experience as a process apprentice on Goliat.

The positions are posted around turn of the year every year, with start the following autumn.

To ansatte på Goliat som holder rundt hverandre.

As an apprentice you will:

…be a part of a large professional environment with one of Norway’s leading oil- and gas companies

…work on exciting project together with skilled professionals

…be assigned a qualified professional manager who is responsible for training and follow-up.

…have a dedicated sponsor who will follow you the whole apprenticeship

…get a certificate of apprenticeship

Summer jobs

Tre ansatte sitter sammen og snakkerWe promise an exciting and challenging summer with diverse tasks. A summer job at Vår Energi will give you a unique opportunity to be a part of real projects and work with highly skilled people. In addition you will have a great insight into what it is like working in the oil- and gas industry.

What can you expect?

Ung ansatt i Vår EnergiDuring 12 weeks with us, you will be a part of a team working on a shared project. There will also be gatherings with the other summer students. You will have ongoing follow-up from a mentor and project manager, so you will have a unique insight and understanding what awaits you when you finish your education.

If you are a student studying higher education within our professional areas, you are welcome to apply.

Read about Marthe who had a summer job at our Hammerfest office.

quote_left_fill I learned a great deal during my weeks at Vår Energi, and it made me even more sure of my career choice. It was also nice to experience that the map matched the terrain – meaning the theory I learned in school was applicable in work life.
Sommerstudent, Hammerfest 2022


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Graduate programme

    • How do I apply to the graduate programme?

      You can apply for the Graduate programme through our Careers-pages under Available Positions

    • How do I find available Graduate-positions?

      We publish Graduate positions on our Careers-page under Available Positions

    • When are available Graduate-positions published?

      We normally publish Graduate positions in September

    • When do you start in a Graduate-position?

      Graduates start August the year after they apply.

    • How long is the Graduate-programme?

      Our Graduate-programme is 18 months.

    • Will I become a full-time employee after the Graduate-programme?

      Yes, you will be offered full-time employment after completing the Graduate-programme

    • How many Graduates are hired each year?

      How many Graduates we employ is determined by capacity and demand. In the past, we’ve employed ca. 15 graduates each year

    • How is the experience of a young employee in Vår Energi?

      We want our young employees to thrive. That’s why we have established Spire – a social network that focuses on the social and professional well-being of employees under 35

    • How is the recruitment process?

      1. Application
      2. Online assessment
      3. Group assessment
      4. Feedback and possible offer

    • How long is the recruitment process?

      A typical recruitment process is normally 4 to 8 weeks

    • What does Vår Energi offer?

      – A strong professional environment with 50+ years of presence on the Norwegian continental shelf
      – A workplace that is committed to delivering a better future
      – A positive corporate culture where we are team players, with a focus on finding new solutions, learning and integrity
      – Competitive salary, 6 weeks paid holiday, flexible hours, good pension & insurance scheme, loan schemes, bonus and share savings programme, various welfare offers and sports teams

    • Can I apply for more than one position?

      Yes, you may apply for as many positions you wish

    • What employee benefits do you offer?

      – Bonus-program and “Share Savings”-scheme
      – Loan schemes for home- and car loans
      – 6 weeks paid holiday and flexible hours
      – Possibility of partial remote work
      – Competitive pension and insurance schemes

    • Where can I work?

      Our main office is in the Stavanger-region, but we also have offices in Hammerfest and Oslo

  • Summer job

    • How do I apply for a summer job?

      We publish our summer job positions on our Careers-pages under available positions

    • Who can apply for a summer job at Vår Energi?

      All students who are undertaking their university-educations within announced subject areas

    • How long is a summer job?

      A summer job at Vår Energi will last about 3 months from June until August

    • What can you offer?

      – A strong professional environment with 50+ years of presence on the Norwegian continental shelf
      – A workplace that is committed to delivering a better future
      – A positive corporate culture where we are team players, with a focus on finding new solutions, learning and integrity
      – Competitive salary, flexible hours, good pension & insurance scheme, loan schemes, bonus and share savings programme, various welfare offers and sports teams

    • How many positions do you announce each year?

      How many summer job positions we have is dependent on capacity and demand. In 2023 we announced 25 summer jobs.

    • Can I apply for multiple jobs?

      Yes, you are welcome to apply for more than one job.

  • Apprenticeship

    • Where are apprenticeship positions published?

      Apprenticeship-positions are published on our Careers-page under available positions

    • How do I apply for apprenticeship at Vår Energi?

      You can apply through our Careers-page under available positions

    • When do you publish apprenticeship-positions?

      Apprenticeship-positions are published around every new year and start the following autumn

    • How many apprenticeships do you have in a year?

      The number of apprenticeships will vary from year to year

    • In which disciplines do you offer apprenticeship?

      We offer offshore apprenticeships within technological and industrial production

    • How long is an apprenticeship?

      At Vår Energi our apprenticeships are normally two years, however this may vary. When the apprenticeship period is completed, you will have to pass a certificate exam

    • What happens after the apprenticeship?

      After you’ve completed your apprenticeship with Vår Energi, you will have gained good practical and theoretical knowledge in your field and be able to apply for a permanent position

    • Do you accept apprentices outside of upper secondary school?

      We do not accept apprentices outside of upper secondary education. You can apply for apprenticeship after completing two years of upper secondary education in vocational subjects

    • Is it possible to crossover from upper secondary education in theoretical subjects?

      Yes, this is possible

Filip Sandberg fra Lillesand deltar i graduateprogrammet i supply chain management hos Vår Energi.

What is it like to participate in our graduate program?

Graduate-student, Filip Sandberg from Lillesand, shares his experience with the graduate program in supply chain management at Vår Energi.

Read more
Sommerstudent, Hammerfest 2022

Summer internship at Vår Energi

Marthe Henriksen-Suhr is a student at the University of Tromsø where she is currently studying for a bachelor in process technology.

When she finishes her studies, she dreams of working as a process engineer, and that dream became even better after she had a summer job at Vår Energis office in Hammerfest.

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Prosessoperatør-lærling, Agnete Svanholm på Goliat-feltet

You get used to the offshore lifestyle pretty quickly!

Process operator apprentice Agnete Svanholm shares her experience as an apprentice with Vår Energi on the Goliat field.

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To ansatte som holder rundt hverandre og ler.

Three fast facts about our employees are

At Vår Energi we focus on the people. Our employees’ knowledge and expertise is how we maintain efficient and secure operations.

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Danielle Howlett, Senior Geoscientist Vår Energi

Spire creates a meeting place for young employees at Vår Energi

Working at Vår Energi means having freedom within your own projects, diversity in terms of people and culture, and last but not least – lunches filled with laughter, according to geoscientists Danielle Howlett and Laura Vaiciulyte.

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