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Vår Energi has a clear commitment to the United Nations’ guiding principles such as Business on Human Rights (UNGP), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact.

Taking social responsibility in Vår Energi means respecting people and human rights, ensuring a high safety standard and safeguarding the environment.

Vår Energi Sustainability Policy

Dronebilde av Goliat.


We cooperate closely with our contractors and Vår Energi’s contractors and business partners play a key role in executing safe operations and delivering high quality products and services.

Competence matrix for technical contractors

All service personnel travelling offshore to our assets need the following competence requirements:

  • Basic Safety Training according to NOROG002
  • Approved Health certificate for offshore
  • Vår Energi Safety Training (VEST) (Trainingportal)
  • Fall Protection Basic NOROG113 (competence requirement for personnel working above 180cm)

All personnel working offshore on 2 – 4 fixed rotations to a Vår Energi asset is expected to have the addition competence:

  • Scaffolding user course (Trainingportal MTP-057)
  • Falling objects – prevention (Trainingportal DOM-001)

Offshore worker on Ringhorne platform

Register to Magnet JQS

We invite qualified suppliers to bid for provision of goods and/or services. For prequalification purposes, Vår Energi use Magnet JQS, and urge existing and prospective suppliers to maintain an updated profile.

Magnet JQS

Contract and supplier management

Vår Energi has implemented a new source to contract and supplier relationship management solution: Ivalua. This means that from January 2023:

  • All contractors to Vår Energi must register or update their company profile in Ivalua.
  • All strategic tender processes will be in Ivalua and tenders are to be submitted through Ivalua.
  • Ivalua offers communication channels which are preferred – both for general requests and requests related to tenders and contracts.
  • Through use of change requests contractors are expected to continuously update their company information. This is to ensure that Vår Energi at all times have the correct contractor and contacts information.
  • Contractors can upload documents to their company profile (i.e. ISO certifications, Compliance Declaration Form, Confidentiality Agreement etc.)
  • Overview of ongoing tenders, you as a contractor is invited to, is available.
  • Contracts and related documents will be stored and available in Ivalua.

Terms and conditions for spot PO

Vår Energi’s standard terms and conditions for Spot PO’s (rev Sept 2023).

Code of ethics

Vår Energi applies a high standard of corporate governance. Our aim is to make ethical, responsible and profitable decisions and act accordingly. Our main priority is the health and safety of our employees and contractors. We expect all relevant business partners to comply with our compliance policy.

Vår Energi Code of ethics.

Compliance Declaration Form

Ung ansatt i Vår Energi

All enterprises (Contractors and subcontractors) that perform any work for Vår Energi shall make itself acquainted and comply with Vår Energi`s compliance requirements. In addition, the Individual Confidential Agreement should be signed when requested by Vår Energi.

Inside information webinar

Mandatory training for everyone working for or on behalf of Vår Energi that may get or have access to sensitive information. This includes, but are not limited to, contractor personnel working on Company premises.

Please ask your Vår Energi contact person for access to webinar.

Instructions for goods deliveries and contact details

Deliveries of goods to Vår Energi ASA must be packed and marked in accordance with Packaging and Labeling Instructions. It is essential that goods are clearly marked with references and addresses as described in the Purchase Order. Delivery addresses and details can be found in the Packing and Labeling Instructions.

Vår Energi Packaging and Labeling instructions

Technical documentation

Technical Documentation for materials delivered to Vår Energi shall be sent to drift@varenergi.no.

Practical information for offshore service