Vår Energi is a proud sponsor and partner with Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland (Junior Achievement – JA). This is a partnership where the organisation works actively, hand-in-hand with local schools, students and Vår Energi to focus on innovation, generating ideas and creative zest. 

Through a mutual, long-term partnership extending all the way back to 2019, Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland and Vår Energi have focused on sparking interest in entrepreneurship, as early as in lower secondary school.

This will better equip students for working life in the future, which will demand innovative skills, competence and entrepreneurship, regardless of which subjects students pursue.

Project Manager and Communication Advisor at Vår Energi, Jan Eirik Heigre Gjerdevik says:

The cooperation with Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland is a prime example of a perfect match. Ungt Entreprenørskap works alongside schools and school owners, the business community and others to promote and develop creativity in children and young people, to help foster a strong belief that they can make a difference – a broader civic objective that aligns perfectly with our goal of creating a better future.

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Maria Aasbø, Head of Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland, explains how this collaboration helps promote entrepreneurship for those who are still quite young:

Learning by solving real-life problems, which creates value for someone outside the school system, has a substantial impact on students’ motivation. That’s why we’re so pleased that a company like Vår Energi is cooperating with us, and thereby helping to open doors for young people. Motivated students learn more, and this collaboration gives them experience in problem-solving and creativity. At the same time, they can train on cooperating with others, taking responsibility and exercising initiative to find good solutions.

Maria Aasbø, Photo: Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland.

Ungt Entreprenørskap is a non-profit organisation that assists schools in applying entrepreneurial and creative methods in the education process. ‘Innovation camp’ is just one of many teaching systems and methods that allow students to use their knowledge to solve problems that yield value for others.

Everyone, everywhere needs innovators, and new ideas are generated by allowing children and young people to delve into a creative environment where they are encouraged to believe that, ‘yes, we can’. You could say that this collaboration symbolises a bridge between school and working life.

Jan Eirik Heigre Gjerdevik of Vår Energi continues:

We believe that tomorrow’s solutions are created when young people are challenged, and given the tools, methods and opportunities to think outside the established box, together. That’s why we’ve been working alongside Ungt Entreprenørskap to create meeting places where problem-solving, innovation, cooperation, coping and creating a sense of achievement are the main ingredients.