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Safety & Sustainability

Safety & Sustainability

Safety & Sustainability

One of Vår Energi’s main goals is «Nobody gets hurt or ill» and we continuously strive to be the safest operator on the NCS. At Vår Energi, safety will always be the number one priority.

We strive to secure that our activities are carried out in a safe and sound manner. This is a value integrated in our culture as well as our business plans.

Vår Energi supports several initiatives to secure a safe and healthy work environment for employees and contractors, in cooperation with the Work Environment Councils (WEC).

Energy plays a fundamental role in meeting the primary needs of society and securing international stability and prosperity. Protecting nature and the environment while covering the world’s energy needs is a challenge that can only be solved by the collaborative effort of nations, businesses, organizations, political bodies, and civil society.

Sustainability is an essential part of how we conduct our business in Vår Energi. We realize that our activities have both positive and negative effects on the communities and environment around us. Our aim is to create long-term value through managing resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our main ambitions:

  1. 50% reduction in Scope 1 GHG emissions from operated assets in 2030
  2. 40% reduction in equity share Scope 1 GHG emissions from partner operated assets in 2030
  3. Net zero Scope 1 GHG emissions from operated and partner operated (equity share) assets in 2030
  4. Net zero Scope 2 GHG emissions from operated assets in 2025 (office buildings in 2021, offshore electrified assets in 2025)
  5. Net zero equity share Scope 2 GHG emissions from partner operated assets in 2030
  6. Net zero Scope 3 GHG emissions from business travels and employee commuting from 2021, and upstream transportation and distribution* from 2025.
  7. All new greenfield developments shall be electrified with power from shore or from renewable offshore power production
  8. All new acquisitions of assets (VE operator) shall be, or within 2030 be, electrified with power from shore or from renewable offshore power production (e.g. offshore wind)
  9. Reduce emissions through R&D
  10. Safest operator on the NCS
  11. 40% gender diversity in the entire organization
  12. Sustainability to be considered in all tenders where material and feasible
  13. Engage local communities to create value
  14. Zero discharge of environmentally hazardous substances

*Baseline 2005
**ERR and PS vessels, oil tankers


Adoption of United Nation’s SDGs

Our strategic focus on sustainable growth is a vehicle for continuously strengthening our sustainability performance. This is done through both minimizing negative impacts and increasing positive effects on society, the environment and climate.

Vår Energi has adopted the United Nation’s strategic vision for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with particular attention to SDGs where the company can make real and concrete impact.


Vår Energi’s strategy for long-term value creation:

  • Nobody gets hurt or ill
  • Prioritize climate
  • Local value creation
  • Innovation, efficiency, and collaboration




Read more in our sustainability report