The sponsorship agreement with Vår Energi will allow Viking FK to bolster their work on developing football for children and young people and to promote equality on the field. 

“The agreement is a gamechanger for us. It helps us provide high-quality activities targeting children and young people, both girls and boys. The new three-year agreement gives us predictability, which is vital in planning for the future,” says Aleksander B. Nilssen, Head of Administration at Viking FK.  

Players in action at the Vår Energi Cup
Vår Energi Cup

One of the cornerstones of the partnership is the annual Vår Energi Cup, which brings together more than 300 teams four times a year in the Vikinghallen sports complex. “This is one of the largest football cups in the region with matches for the youngest children between the ages of six and nine. We have between 3000-4000 visitors over the course of the two days. We don’t focus on results, but on making sure everyone’s having fun,” says Nilssen. 

The Vår Energi Cup, with its focus on fun and participation over competitive results, is an important tool for fostering a stronger football culture among younger players. The big highlight for many young players is receiving a trophy after the matches – a memory they can take with them. 

The Vår Energi Football Festival also took place for the first time in 2023. “We organised a tournament for girls aged 10-12, with a big Fanzone for the whole family with a bouncy castle, competitions, autographs and we handed out free tickets to a league match for the women’s team,” he says. 

Vår Energi – Girls First 

Another key part of the cooperation is the programme Vår Energi – Girls First. A unique training weekend, where both players and coaches from the women’s team help girls of all ages experience what life is like on the Viking women’s team. “Last year we had a tour of the stadium, a presentation with the main coach and players, physical testing, training sessions headed by the players, tournaments and competitions. These kinds of events help promote women’s football in the region and are unique opportunities for young players to meet their idols,” says Nilssen. 

For Viking FK, the sponsorship agreement with Vår Energi will stimulate increasing interest in football in the local community. “Viking is a large grassroots club, with more than 1000 active members. This agreement ensures that we can continue working on creating good opportunities for everyone. Being able to have such excellent events in cooperation with Vår Energi helps us recruit more children at a young age, and not least helps us get more girls into football,” says Nilssen. 

Contributes to diversity and teambuilding

Vår Energi is proud to contribute to developing athletic and social values in the region, and to promote an inclusive and dynamic environment for young athletes. “Vår Energi values diversity, developing ourselves and having fun together as a team. And we’re contributing to this alongside Viking FK, through the Vår Energi Cups and efforts targeting girls: Vår Energi – Girls First,” says Siri Tjelta, Senior Advisor Branding and Marketing in Vår Energi.  

Team picture

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