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Energising the next steps

Vår Energi is committed to delivering a better future by energising communities and high performers. Our sponsorships give energy to local and national talents, initiatives and minds that take our society forward. We want to work together, see local initiatives succeed and inspire others to succeed. We want to see performers reach new heights and communities thrive.

This is why we energise the next steps.

The Community

This reflects our dedication to invigorate local communities. It emphasises our intent to foster local initiatives that strengthen communities and creating a positive impact on people’s lives.

By energising communities, we’re strengthening the bonds that hold society together and sparking collective growth and development.

Read about how we work to strengthen strengthened the recreational opportunities for children and young people.

The Next

This represents our focus on empowering the ideas of today —in engineers, students, and visionaries. By energising these forward-thinking individuals and institutions, we’re investing in a future full of potential and progress.

Read and learn more about the collaboration between Vår Energi and Junior Achievement Rogaland (Ungt Entreprenørskap)

The Edge

We support the high performers — those at the top of their fields, whether in athletics, business, or other areas. The role models.

They are the ones pushing boundaries and setting new standards, and by energising these achievers, we’re fuelling the pursuit of excellence and high performance.

Read young talent Halvor Hilde Gunleiksrud’s story.

Happy kids in Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka

A new era for Folkehallene

The cooperation between Vår Energi and Folkehallene (public indoor sports arenas) has strengthened the recreational opportunities for children and young people in the Stavanger region.

Read more
Players posing - from training session with Viking FK women

Vår Energi sponsors Viking

The sponsorship agreement with Vår Energi will allow Viking FK to bolster their work on developing football for children and young people and to promote equality on the field.

Read more
Gruppe elever presenterer foran publikum

Junior Achievement – tomorrow’s expertise

Vår Energi is a proud sponsor and partner with Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland (Junior Achievement – JA). This is a partnership where the organisation works actively, hand-in-hand with local schools, students and Vår Energi to focus on innovation, generating ideas and creative zest.

Read more

Investing in local and national talent 

Through the Vår Energi sponsorship agreement, young ski talents like Halvor Hilde Gunleiksrud can go all in on their alpine skiing career.

Read more

Submit application for funding 

Vår Energi works for a better future by providing energy to local communities and people. This is at the heart of our approach to sponsorship. 

We want to contribute to taking Norwegian local communities forward, and we believe we can contribute by supporting diversity, and projects and initiatives that create growth and opportunities. 

We want voluntary clubs and organizations to apply for support for initiatives, projects and ideas that build on our goal of increased activity and growth in the local community. 

Through our application portal, it is possible to submit applications for funding once in the winter (opens 1 February, deadline 29 February) and once in the autumn (opens 1 September, deadline 30 September). 

Applicants must be over the age of 18, and you can apply for a donation for initiatives within sports, culture or education. Vår Energi’s support scheme is for Norwegian projects only. 

The application must include: 

  1. What the funds will be used for (project plan / scope) 
  2. How funds will create activity and build the local community 
  3. An idea of ​​how the Vår Energi brand can be made visible, ensuring there are no conflicting sponsorships.

Team picture

Kids playing computer games in Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka

The Vår Energi Energisers

Overview of the Energisers we support