Vår Energi is committed to a more sustainable production of energy through minimising our own greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some of our measures to reduce the emissions from our production.

Vår Energi is oil and gas. We understand our role and our responsibility to accelerate a more sustainable and climate friendly future. Oil and gas will be necessary for a successful energy transition to renewable energy sources. On the way we have many opportunities to minimise our own greenhouse gas emissions.

It is all about us, as energy producers taking responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions connected to our own production – what is included in scope 1-emissions.

That is why we have set clear objectives in scope 1:

  • 2030: 50% cut in absolute numbers for greenhouse gas emissions and net zero emissions from our own production
  • 2050: Objective to reach 100% cut in absolute numbers for our own greenhouse gas emissions

How will we reach these objectives?

The emission reduction objectives are compared to 2005 as the base year. Until now we have reduce about 20% compared to the emissions of 2005. The majority of the work remains and will occur towards 2030. That is why we have implemented several small and large projects for a more sustainable production of energy. These measures will greatly affect our greenhouse gas emissions the next 10 years:


Did you know that the largest emission source in the oil and gas industry is the production of electricity from gas turbines on our offshore installations? With electricity sent from land or a renewable source, we can massively reduce emissions.

The Goliat-field is currently electrified with electricity sent from land. And the combination of electrification, energy management and Balder FPU removal, will be important to reach our objective of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emission from scope 1 and 2 by 2030.

Energy management

Making operational processes more energy efficient are of high value. Measures to save energy do not have a great effect separately, but collectively they can greatly reduce emissions through different energy saving measures. In total energy management can contribute up to a fifth of the total emissions reductions up to 2030. Examples of energy saving measures can be energy efficient torch strategy or more accurate water injection.

Local offset investments – Net zero by 2030

Vår Energi will reach net zero climate accounting for oil and gas production by 2030. To do this the reduction of our own emissions will be of the biggest priority and impact. But we also want to contribute in a positive way through local investments. Vår Energy has purchased climate forrest from Trefaddere, a local cultivator of climate forrest at Hjelmeland, Rogaland.

Our most important contribution in offset investments, are offset which

1) Do not harm existing natural diversity.

2) Can be measured and quality assured by objective third parties.

3) Is locally, nationally and regionally rooted, with a positive effect on local social and environmental conditions.

That is why we chose the company Trefaddere from Rogaland.

We also have separate strategies for greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 2 and Scope 3. A successful energy transitions is not achieved on its on, and therefore it is vital to set clear objectives to the supply- and value chain as well. Together we will ensure a sustainable future.