Marthe Henriksen-Suhr is a student at the University of Tromsø where she is currently studying for a bachelor in process technology. When she finishes her studies, she dreams of working as a process engineer, and that dream became even better after she had a summer job at Vår Energis office in Hammerfest.

“I learned a great deal during the weeks of my summer internship at Vår Energi, and it made me even more sure of my career choice. It was also nice to experience that the map was consistent with the terrain – meaning the theory I learned at school, could also be applied in work life.”

Even with basic knowledge – Marthe acknowledges the learning curve was steep at the start of the job.

“The two first weeks were quite hard – especially because there were so many new systems to learn. But after I started to get the hang of it, I actually felt I could contribute – and then it just became more and more fun”:

Summer internship and project on Goliat

Marthe spent her time at Vår Energi working on a project that plans implementation of an alternating plan for rotating equipment Goliat FPSO.  

“The project was exciting and challenging, but I had a great deal of help from my mentor, especially until I was confident enough to work independently. Working independently did not mean working alone, as this was a project that required a lot of collaboration – both between the different professions and between offshore and onshore-organisation. This way I got to know many of my colleagues during my relatively short working period, and it was very useful and pleasant”.

Per Inge Leiros works with maintenance and support for Goliat FPSO and was Marthes mentor when she had her summer internship at Vår Energi. For him it is a given that they welcome students during the summer months.

“It is a social- and industrial responsibility to offer summer internships, but we mostly do it for our own good. Our experience is that most students are so skilled and motivated that they can quickly work independently. It is a win-win situation – we receive great help during the vacation months, and the students get valuable working experience.” Learn more about career possibilities at Vår Energi.

Offshore for the first time

The highlight for many of our summer interns at the Hammerfest office is a visit to the Goliat platform located just a short helicopter ride away. Also for Marthe it was a grand experience going offshore:

“I have never been to a platform before, so being able to visit Goliat was a big highlight. I will probably be working offshore when I finish my studies, and now I know more about what that means. It was also beneficial to see the components and the equipment I work with on land – giving me a better understanding of the project as a whole”.

Want to live in the north

Marthe is from Alta and would like to live in her hometown when she starts working. A job located at the Hammerfest office of Vår Energi or on Goliat would be a great alternative.

“Hammerfest is only a two hour drive from Alta, so if I would get a job at Vår Energis office, a weekly commute would be possible. And even better if I would get a job on Goliat – it would be no problem living in Alta”.

“No matter where I end up working, I am certain I want a future in the oil and gas industry. When it comes to summer internship, my advice for other students is this is definitely something they should do. Working experience gives you relevance for learned theory and it is definitely smart to build a network in the industry you want to work in.”