Ane Mo works with the Balder Future-project. Early in 2021 she had an idea – an idea that quickly turned to a redesign-project that are now engaging creative young people at Jaeren.

Ane had the idea just after she started the Balder Future-project and got acquainted with the reuse solution for Jotun FPSO. – We should be able to reuse as much as possible from the ship, Ane thought.

The old housing quarter turned out to be a real treasury. Curtains, pillows, shower curtain and leather chairs – Ane saw possibilities and turned her focus south. To Jaeren.

Perfect timing

Youth clubs located in South-Jaeren were introduced to the idea of redesigning old textiles from Jotun FPSO. The clubs were extremely positive about the initiative, and the Jotun Redesign Project was born. Monica Cecilie Herredsvela explains on behalf of the clubs:

“The timing was perfect. More and more young people are passionate about sustainability, and especially through reuse and redesign to reduce waste. The project will not only contribute to positive activities in the youth clubs, but it will also raise awareness about highly current and important issues.”.

“Made in Jaeren”

Between 40-50 young people with a special interest in redesign and sewing reported for duty. During 2021 young people from the youth clubs Ung i Haa and Ungdomshuset Veveriet worked on creating new life for Anes curtains. In December 2021 the clubs came back with 48 products; trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets, hats and more. The Jotun products were auctioned to employees at Vår Energi – and the revenue from the sales was donated to Kirkens Bymisjon in Stavanger.

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Worker in front of Jotun FPSO at Rosenberg yard. Photo.