Vår Energi is oil and gas. But we are also an energy provider for future generations. This is the foundation for every strategic decision we make. 

-If you want to make something happen you have to say it!

-If you want to make something happen you have to say it! You have to be clear and you have to be able to act. Saying something, without following it through, will not get you far, says Glenn Eide VP Strategy, performance and risk at Vår Energi.

-At Vår Energi we have the knowledge, experience and industry standing to make an impact, and get things done. However, we are also “small” enough to act quickly with a short way from strategy to action. This is grounded in our history of continuous change, and we have learned to be dynamic in our thinking, he continues.

Vår Energi subscribes to an agile methodology – with short roads from boardroom meetings to implementation. To remain agile and forward-thinking, we have strategic priorities to guide us in our drive towards the future.

Vår Energi strategic priorities

We always think of “the big picture”, so all of the strategic priorities are intertwined. None of our strategic decisions are more important than the others.

Safest operator and deliver a sustainable future

Safety is always priority number one in Vår Energi, and it is all about people. We will never compromise on safe operations, as this is our license to operate. Our sustainability framework which covers environment, social sustainability and ethical business practice is an integrated part of our business strategy. From day one our focus has been to create energy for the future – and the future has to be sustainable!

High performing organisation

Vår Energi is one of the largest energy producer on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and we have great growth ambitions. We are what we call a “perfect size company”, meaning that our growth ambitions will be achieved through maximising the resources already at hand. To achieve this we have implemented a strong “people focus”: safe conditions, and great opportunities for personal and professional development.

Partner of choice

Vår Energi aims to be the preferred partner for energy production today, tomorrow and in the future. We must use our position in the best possible way for future generations – together we create and develop possibilities with other partners and organisations.

Operational excellence

A term which for Vår Energi means having what we call “having to think two thoughts at once”: security and efficiency. Safety and efficiency are the base for all our operations, and neither should ever suffer at the expense of the other.

Robust portfolio

Vår Energi are cultivating a robust portfolio, that will position us for further value creation and growth. We are striving to continue explore for more high value resources, develop and execute robust projects and improve recovery from our assets.

Vår Energi for the future

– Oil and gas will be important for the future production of energy, and essential in a successful energy transition, says Glenn Eide.

In addition to contributing, collaborating and developing energy of the future, Vår Energi is also working to make sure today’s oil and gas fields are prepared for the future. Energy efficiency is important to reduce emissions from our own operations.

-We constantly have to think about the big picture, and we also need to think two thoughts at once. We are working towards a transition towards renewable energy sources through our own development and innovation projects and in close collaboration with others. But equally important, we are also working on developing the findings on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and making sure they are as efficient and robust as possible, for long term growth and development, Eide explains.