Vår Energi enters joint industry project to develop a more environmentally friendly method for seismic data collection. 

Seismic data collection is among the most important tools for hydrocarbon exploration as well as for monitoring field already in production and CO2 sequestration projects in the subsurface. Project lead and marine geophysical company Shearwater GeoServices is developing the project in collaboration with Equinor, Vår Energi and Lundin.

Alexandre Bertrand, the Geophysical Manager at Vår Energi, explains:

The goal of the project is to develop a new low-impact acoustic source. In addition to the environmental dimension, the project also seeks to produce a higher technological accuracy and improved seismic data quality for locating, quantifying and monitoring hydrocarbon resources, which will lead to improved recovery and value creation.

According to R&D Manager Gjertrud Halset at Vår Energi, the project could be a game changer:

The project fits our R&D strategy and falls into the top-priority technology gaps and challenges we have identified. The project also matches our plans for becoming the leading ESG company on the Norwegian Continental shelf. Replacing the traditional technology would revolutionize the seismic survey process and strengthen our sustainability performance.