Vår Energi is awarded 16 new production licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), of which four as operator, in the 2023 Awards in Predefined Areas (APA) covering mature areas.

Vår Energi is one of the fastest growing oil and gas companies in the world and a major oil and gas supplier to the European market. Continued access to new exploration areas is the foundation for further growth and value creation.

Vår Energi is offered licenses in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea – most of them in areas close to existing infrastructure, supporting the company hub strategy.

Rune Oldervoll, Vår Energi EVP Exploration & Production is pleased with the results:

I’m pleased to see that we are offered licenses in all our key areas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. We continue to build our diversified portfolio and strengthen our position as a leading operator – especially in the north. All licenses support our long-term growth strategy and give us continuity in our work to develop opportunities and create value.”

Vår Energi is also offered licenses in the western Barents Sea – in a more unexplored area of the Barents region. Vår Energi CEO Nick Walker explains:

In addition to further development in and around existing fields, we are intensifying our work to unlock the hydrocarbon potential in the western Barents Sea – building on our leading exploration track record. Norway is a vital supplier of energy to Europe. Access to new exploration acreage is key to maintaining our long-term position as a reliable supplier.”

Vår Energi is offered following licenses: (op) = operator

  • The North Sea: PL932B, PL1215, PL1214, PL1203 (op)
  • Norwegian Sea: PL1231, PL1218, PL1194, PL1224 (op), PL1227
  • Barents Sea: PL1243, PL1242, PL1241 (op), PL1239, PL1238, PL1237 (op), PL1236

The results were announced today by the Norwegian Ministry of Energy.


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VP Communications
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