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Vår Energi has a clear commitment to the United Nations’ guiding principles such as Business on Human Rights (UNGP), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact.

Taking social responsibility in Vår Energi means respecting people and human rights, ensuring a high safety standard and safeguarding the environment.

Stakeholder relations

Vår Energi is dedicated to build strong relations with our stakeholders through cooperation and dialogue. We aim to be fair and transparent to strengthen trust, and to be directly involved in the communities where we have company presence.

Local communities

Vår Energi’s objective is that our business activities should provide development and opportunities for local communities where we operate. We wish to make contributions towards increased settlement, activity and competence development.

This is why we facilitate projects with the aim of providing opportunities for local industry and employment, while also supporting cultural and educational initiatives.

Read more about our community involvement.

Research and development

As the largest independent exploration and production company on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) and owner of a substantial production portfolio, it is important for Vår Energi to invest in research and technology development in order to conduct our operations in a sustainable manner.

This means participating in projects such as maximising recovery, operational excellence, renewable energy and safety and environmental protection.

Read more about our R&D program.


We work every day to ensure that all our business activities are performed safely. This is a value integrated in our culture, as well as in our business plans. Vår Energi backs several initiatives to ensure safe and healthy working environments for our employees, in close cooperation with the unions.

Read more about our HSSEQ program.


Vår Energi’s objective is to carry out our operations without injury to personnel or damage to the environment. We work hard to ensure that waste, discharges to the sea and emissions to air is minimised as far as possible, and we have established a robust and efficient contingency system to combat pollution, suitably adapted to local conditions.

Read more about our environment program.

Sustainability reporting

Vår Energi reports on sustainability KPIs to both of its owners, Eni Spa and HitecVision. Our data is included Eni’s listing in the FTSE4 Good Index, one of the world’s most respected corporate social responsibilities stock-market indexes.

Read more about Eni’s global sustainability program on www.eni.com