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Local value creation

Local value creation

Creating local value such as industrial development and opportunities for local businesses through our activities is one of Vår Energi’s main business objectives. We want to contribute to employment, industrial development and competence building in all areas where we operate.

Vår Energi takes corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all areas where we operate by providing local communities with career opportunities and by supporting a variety of recreational, cultural, and competence-building projects.

We pay particular attention to creating long lasting industrial ripple effects and local value in the communities where we do business by providing opportunities for local suppliers wherever possible.

Vår Energi’s local engagement program focuses on:

  • Investing in local communities near the company’s operations in the Stavanger region and in Troms and Finnmark.
  • Performing research and development activities in northern and western Norway.
  • Using local suppliers as far as possible.
  • Investing in projects and collaborations in primary, secondary, and higher education, to increase awareness and competency.
  • Supporting cultural projects to increase communities’ attractiveness for existing and potential new residents.
  • Conducting third party, independent research, mapping local ripple effects on a regular basis.


In 2020, Vår Energi invested nearly 6 million NOK in local projects, which is double the amount invested in 2019.

Scholarships at Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree level at the University of Stavanger (Photo: Universitetet i Stavanger / Kjersti Riiber)


Vår Energi supports the following community investment projects:



Sirma IL, Tana
Sports Association founded in 1956 organised under the Sami Sports Federation which works for the promotion of Sami culture and language.

Young Entrepreneurship, Finnmark
Young Entrepreneurship (UE) is an ideal nationwide organisation that, in collaboration with the educational system, business and other players, is working to develop children’s and young people’s creativity and faith in themselves.

Arctic Cultural Center and Hammerfest Cultural School, Hammerfest
Arctic Cultural Center and Hammerfest Culture School is central to the cultural life of in Hammerfest. Through its activities it contributes to a richer cultural and social life for the people living in the region.

Nordkapp Film Festival, Honningsvåg
Nordkapp Film Festival is a small and intimate audience festival located in Honningsvåg. Nordkapp Film Festival is an important meeting place for the Norwegian film industry.

Varanger Festival, Vadsø
Varanger Festival is Northern Norway’s largest festival and focuses on jazz, own productions and artists from the North.

Arctic Talent, Northern Norway
Arctic Talent is Northern Norway’s largest musical stipend, awarded by Vår Energi, in collaboration with the Varanger Festival. The goal of Arctic Talent is to contribute to a greater commercial success for artists from the North who have talent, ambitions and potential.

Sørøya Sea Fishing Competition, Hasvik
An annual sea fishing competition organised by Sørøy Havfiskeklubb. The sea fishing competition mobilises boats from large parts of the island of Sørøya to take the local and foreign competitors out to the fishing fields.

Sørøyrocken, Sørvær
Music festival on the Sørøya island, west of Hammerfest. Concerts take place between rough sea and steep mountains surrounding the local fishing community at Sørvær, north-west on the island.

Newton Room at Energy House, Hammerfest
A Newton room is a practical, exciting classroom. The goal is to give children and young people with good learning experiences and a sense of achievement when working with science, mathematics and technology.

Perleporten Kulturhus
Perleporten Kulturhus is a Cultural venue and café, located in the centre of Honningsvåg, with outdoor service and a wonderful view over Honningsvåg Harbour.

Vår Energi Arena – Hammerfest
New indoor sports arena in Hammerfest.



Science Factory, Sandnes
The Science Factory is a modern science centre, whose goal is to stimulate children’s and young people’s interest in science, mathematics and technology.

Norwegian oil museum, Stavanger
Norway’s only dedicated museum for oil industry in Norway. The museum conveys oil from an exploration perspective through production to ripple effects.

The Foundation Rogaland Street Magazine publishes the Asfalt Street Magazine in order to offer employment to people with drugs and alcohol related  issues.

The Church City Mission
The Church City Mission is an inclusive, nonprofit organization, which works in towns and cities across Norway, among people who face challenges. Their vision is respect, justice and care for everyone.,

National Telethon (TV-aksjonen)
An annual national charity fundraising campaign in Norway. Organized by the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK in conjunction with selected organisations. A fund-raising committee decides the beneficiary of each year’s event.

Junior Achievement (Ungt Entreprenørskap, Rogaland)
Junior Achievement (JA) is a global non-profit youth organisation working with local business, schools and organisations to deliver experimental learning programs on topics of work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship to students.

University Scholarships
Scholarships at Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree level at the University of Stavanger and scholarships at Master’s Degree level at NTNU.

Viking Football Club / Vår Energi Cup
Collaboration with Viking FC’s engagement in children’s recreational sports and hosting of Vår Energi Cup for 6-11 year olds in the Stavanger region 4 weeks annually.