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Information to travellers to Vår Energi offshore facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic

Vår Energi (VE) has introduced several company specific guidelines and measures to minimize the risk for Covid-19 outbreak offshore.

Pay particular attention to the guidelines and recommendations the last 10 days prior to offshore departure.

The document Offshore travel instruction during Covid-19 outbreak (29.06.21) is valid for everyone traveling to Vår Energi offshore facilities, both VE employees and contractors. The document provides instructions both for the period prior to mobilization and during travel to and from heliport.

Norwegian Oil & Gas has issued a list of restrictions related to offshore travel. Please make sure that none of the restrictions apply to you. If they do, you can not go offshore.

For personnel mobilizing from abroad, the governmental quarantine regulations apply. VE will not require restrictions beyond this.


Covid-19 screening test prior to offshore travel

Vår Energi requires mandatory Covid-19 screening test (PCR method) of personnel travelling to Vår Energi offshore facilities, unless you are recovered from a Covid-19 infection in the last six months or are fully vaccinated, and provided that you can present approved documentation at the test center.

If you are to be tested, the test shall be done close to departure, not earlier than 24 hours before departure and not later than 4 hours before departure. In case of helicopter delays or rebooking the test is valid for 72 hours and a new test is normally not required.

Personnel travelling to Scarabeo 8 or West Phoenix have to undergo screening testing regardless of vaccination status. It is not possible be granted exemption from this requirement.


Personnel mobilizing from abroad – Quarantine reducing testing

Vår Energi accepts quarantine reducing Covid-19 testing (PCR method) for personnel travelling to VE offshore facilities. There must be a negative test result before check-in at the heliport.

Vår Energi would still prefer that travellers to VE facilities undergo the testing at VE test center at Sola or in Hammerfest. In this case a negative quarantine reducing Covid – 19 test will also serve as mandatory screening test if taken within the 24 hours prior to scheduled flight.

However, we accept that quarantine reducing testing is done by other service providers. If travellers choose to undergo such testing at another test center, this test will not serve as the mandatory screening test VE requires before travelling to our offshore facilities.

Test result of test taken at VE test center is available 2,5 hours (at the earliest) after the sample is collected. Offshore travel can be scheduled the following day. The traveller is responsible for booking their test well in advance and harmonizing this with their itinerary.

Courses and training

For infection control reasons, Vår Energi limits all classroom course activity to only safety and operationally critical and necessary courses, and e-learning or training via Teams.

Even if training centers have implemented the general hygienic measures, participants will still be regarded as close contacts in the event of a positive Covid-19 case in the class. Close contacts need to be quarantined and can not travel offshore.

This is the reason why we don’t allow personnel to travel offshore until 7 days after the training (does not apply for training by e-learning and Teams).

Participants should avoid using public transport to and from course location. Employees working offshore must comply with Vår Energi travel instructions.


Instructions and other useful sources

Offshore travel instruction during Covid-19 outbreak:

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