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We cooperate closely with our contractors and suppliers.

Vår Energi’s suppliers and business partners play a key role in executing safe operations and delivering high quality products and services. We are committed to cooperate closely with our contractors and suppliers.

We strongly believe that our activities should benefit the communities in which we operate and we are proud that 97 % of invoiced spend in the first half of 2022 went to Norwegian vendors.


Register to Magnet JQS

We invite qualified suppliers to bid for provision of goods and/or services. For prequalification purposes, Vår Energi use Magnet JQS, and urge  existing and prospective suppliers to maintain an updated profile.

Magnet JQS


Terms and conditions for spot PO

Vår Energi’s standard terms and conditions for Spot Po’s (rev Nov 2022) 


Code of ethics

Vår Energi applies a high standard of corporate governance. Our aim is to make ethical, responsible and profitable decisions and act accordingly.

Our main priority is the health and safety of our employees and contractors. We expect all relevant business partners to comply with our compliance policy.

Vår Energi Code of ethics.


Compliance Declaration Form

All enterprises (Contractors and subcontractors) that perform any work for Vår Energi shall make itself acquainted and comply with Vår Energi`s compliance requirements. In addition, the Individual Confidential Agreement should be signed when requested by Vår Energi.



Vår Energi has a clear commitment to the United Nations’ guiding principles such as Business on Human Rights (UNGP), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Compact.

Taking social responsibility in Vår Energi means respecting people and human rights, ensuring a high safety standard and safeguarding the environment.

Vår Energi Sustainability Policy


Inside Information webinar

Mandatory training for everyone working for or on behalf of Vår Energi that may get or have access to sensitive information. This includes, but are not limited to, contractor personnel working on Company premises.
Inside information training video


Instructions for goods deliveries and contact details

Please contact our transport provider for transportation of goods that are ordered EXW or FCA to Vår Energi location:

  • Jas Worldwide Norway AS, e-mail: no-varenergi@jas.com.
  • Goods related to Ringhorne and Balder are to be delivered to our supply base Norsea Base Dusavik, Building 52 – Notberget 25, 4029 Stavanger.
  • Goods related to Goliat are to be delivered to Norsea Polarbase, Havneveien 50, 9610 Rypefjord.

Each item/goods shall be clearly marked with Vår Energi material number from our order. If this is not included, goods may be rejected and returned at the supplier’s expense

The following documents shall accompany the delivery:

  • Consignment note shall include Vår Energi  Spot PO/Call Off number and installation
  • For dangerous goods: Required documents needed for the transportation and receipt at warehouse.
  • For goods related to Goliat, Polar Base: Web delivery note, issued from Vår Energi, shall be included on the delivering of Goods.

Invoices from other transportation providers stating freight or customs clearance charges will not be accepted and will be returned without payment.

Product quality codes (goods related to Ringhorne, Balder and drilling operations)


Technical documentation

Technical Documentation for materials delivered to Vår Energi shall be sent to drift@varenergi.no.

Practical information for offshore service

Practical information for offshore service (rev Nov-22) 

Personnel Registration Form