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The Jotun Redesign Project

The Jotun FPSO redesign project

Ane Mo works in the Balder Future project. Early 2021, she got an idea – an idea that soon materialized into a redesign project engaging creative teenagers from Jæren.

Learning about the Balder Future project and the re-use solution for the Jotun FPSO, Ane thought it would be brilliant to re-use as much as possible from the production vessel. The old living quarter proved to be a real treasure. Blinds, pillows, shower curtains and leather chairs – Ane saw opportunities, and turned southwards. To Jæren.

Perfect timing

Youth clubs from the southern Jæren region were presented to the idea of redesigning the old Jotun textiles. No persuasion needed, and the Jotun Redesign Project was born. Monica Cecilie Herredsvela in Ungdomsklubbane Ung i Hå, explains on behalf of the clubs:

“The timing is perfect. We see that young people are increasingly concerned with sustainability, and especially with re-use and redesign to reduce future consumption. The project will not only create positive activities in the clubs, it will also raise awareness on some actual and important topics”.

Made in Jæren

Somewhere between 40-50 youngsters – all with an extra interest in redesign and sewing, joined in. During 2021 teenagers from Ungdomsklubbane Ung i Hå and Ungdomshuset Veveriet re-designed Ane’s curtains. In December, the clubs returned 48 items; skirts, jackets, hats, bags, trousers and all sorts of accessories – all auctioned  to Vår Energi employees. The total sales revenue was donated to the Church City Mission in Stavanger.

Vår Energi on sustainability and local engagement.

Contact person

Jan Eirik Heigre Gjerdevik
Communication Advisor
+47 913 25 511