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Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship

A social entrepreneurship program is established to contribute by:

  • Investing in local communities near our operating organisations in the Stavanger region and in Hammerfest, in addition to our branch office in Oslo.
  • Performing research and development activities in Northern and Western Norway.
  • Using local suppliers as far as possible, including dividing larger-scale contracts into smaller parts to allow local businesses to participate.
  • Facilitating opportunities for national suppliers; establishing local presence and entering into industrial cooperation locally, especially in Northern Norway.
  • Investing in projects in primary and secondary education, to increase awareness and competency.
  • Supporting cultural projects in order to increase communities’ attractiveness for existing and potential new residents.
Lilly Jørstad, the winner of Eni Arctic Talent 2016.

Vår Energi supports the following community investment projects:



Sami Reindeer Races Federation
Sami culture and sporting event.

Sirma IL, Tana
Sports Association founded in 1956 organised under the Sami Sports Federation which works for the promotion of Sami culture and language.

Young Entrepreneurship, Finnmark
Young Entrepreneurship (UE) is an ideal nationwide organisation that, in collaboration with the educational system, business and other players, is working to develop children’s and young people’s creativity and faith in themselves.

Arctic Cultural Center and Hammerfest Cultural School, Hammerfest
Arctic Cultural Center and Hammerfest Culture School is central to the cultural life of in Hammerfest. Through its activities it contributes to a richer cultural and social life for the people living in the region.

Nordkapp Film Festival, Honningsvåg
Nordkapp Film Festival is a small and intimate audience festival located in Honningsvåg. Nordkapp Film Festival is an important meeting place for the Norwegian film industry.

Varanger Festival, Vadsø
Varanger Festival is Northern Norway’s largest festival and focuses on jazz, own productions and artists from the North.

Arctic Talent, Northern Norway
Arctic Talent is Northern Norway’s largest musical stipend, awarded by Vår Energi, in collaboration with the Varanger Festival. The goal of Arctic Talent is to contribute to a greater commercial success for artists from the North who have talent, ambitions and potential.

Sørøya Sea Fishing Competition, Hasvik
An annual sea fishing competition organised by Sørøy Havfiskeklubb. The sea fishing competition mobilises boats from large parts of the island of Sørøya to take the local and foreign competitors out to the fishing fields.

Newton Room at Energy House, Hammerfest
A Newton room is a practical, exciting classroom. The goal is to give children and young people with good learning experiences and a sense of achievement when working with science, mathematics and technology.

Petro Arctic, supplier network in Northern Norway
Petro Arctic is a supplier network for the petroleum industry in the north. In cooperation with the operating companies and their main suppliers, Petro Arctic goal is to facilitate the largest possible ripple effects from petroleum projects in northern Norway


Science Factory, Sandnes
The Science Factory is a modern science centre, whose goal is to stimulate children’s and young people’s interest in science, mathematics and technology.

Sandnes opera and operetta
Sandnes Opera and Operetta Company is an ideal association for the purpose of staging musical theatre in the Stavanger and Sandnes region.

Norwegian oil museum, Stavanger
Norway’s only dedicated museum for oil industry in Norway. The museum conveys oil from an exploration perspective through production to ripple effects.