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Ripple effects

Ripple effects

Vår Energi will provide opportunities where we do our business activities. We are facilitating employment and industry ripple effects. We pay particular attention to contributing to local ripple effects in Finnmark, with regards to daily operations of the Goliat field, northwest of Hammerfest.

The Goliat field development has led to major ripple effects in northern areas of Norway. Research illustrates that goods and services with a value of NOK 1.3 billion were provided by regional suppliers during the development phase only, and that approx. 460 jobs have been created. Further positive developments in areas such as education, research and development, culture and tourism are also documented. We expected to retain substantial ripple effects due to the operations and maintenance of Goliat in the future.

Read more about ripple effects in the north (reports are in Norwegian):

NORCE Report 2019 final documentation of regional ripple effects of the development and operations phase of the Goliat field

Norut Report 2016 documents regional effects of the Goliat project and Eni Norway’s operations in northern Norway

Levert Report 2017 by Bodø Knowledge Park is a status report for petroleum-related supplier industry in northern Norway