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Gender balance

The Vår Energi Gender Balance Task Force was established in September 2019, and has developed an action plan consisting of concrete activities for improving gender diversity in the company.

The work group is comprised of people from the entire organisation. Broad representation ensures that the actions taken are based on different perspectives, ideas and solutions for gender diversity.

We believe that gender balance is important because:

  1. Diversity in management and teams leads to better financial results
  2. Diversity on all levels strengthens innovation
  3. Diversity makes us a more attractive company to work for
  4. Diversity leads to better working environment

We are also committed to being a sustainable company. The definition of Sustainability covers more areas that climate, where “diversity and equal opportunities” is one such area.

The action plan describes the way we, as a company, will become more gender diverse in a sustainable way. The plan contains concrete goals with the following success criteria:

  1. Communication
  2. Measurement and reporting
  3. Core processes
  4. Inclusive leadership, culture and policies