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Control & improvement

Internal control & improvement

Vår Energi has established Management System Guidelines (MSG) to care for our personnel and to execute our activities in line with applicable laws and regulations.

Internal audit plays a vital role in Vår Energi’s business activities, and the function is represented in our corporate management group. Our internal audit committee’s main responsibilities are amongst other:

  • review, monitor and advice on internal audit organisation, annual audit plan and results
  • review and monitor independent auditor’s qualifications, independence and performance
  • review annual financial statements and examine periodic reports
  • monitor compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, code of conduct and management system

Continuous improvement is a significant integrated part of Vår Energi’s business activities. Therefore, an improvement function is an important position in our corporate management group. The function’s main focus areas are:

  • integrate into one-team organisation and build new culture
  • integrate business plan with risk, compliance and performance process
  • improve prioritisation and decision-making
  • identify and measure post-merger synergies
  • renew and improve the way we work, including digitalization