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Code of ethics & whistleblowing

Code of ethics

Compliance with laws and regulations, internal rules, and ethical integrity and fairness, is a constant commitment and duty of all of Vår Energi’s people, and shall characterize the conduct of our organisation. Vår Energi’s business and corporate activities shall be carried out in a transparent, honest and fair way, in good faith, and in full compliance with competition protection rules.

The complexity of the situations in which Vår Energi operates, the challenges of sustainable development and the need to take into consideration the interests of all people having a legitimate interest in the corporate business, strengthen the importance to clearly define the values that Vår Energi accepts, acknowledges and shares as well as the responsibilities it assumes, contributing to a better future.

For this reason the Vår Energi Code of Ethics has been implemented. The Code is brought to the attention of every person or body having business relations with Vår Energi.

Download Vår Energi’s Code of Ethics

Doing the right thing – Vår Energi’s Whistleblowing Service

The company’s long-term success is built on making business in a fair and ethical manner, as described in our Code of Ethics above.

Vår Energi’s personnel and any external parties interacting with us have an important role to play by raising concerns of any suspected or potential breaches of law or company policies. Examples of such breaches are:

  • corruption or other financial crime
  • harassment and discrimination
  • conditions that could cause a danger to people’s life and health
  • failure to meet requirements for privacy and information security
  • abuse of authority
  • a working environment that do not meet the requirements of the Working Environment Act
  • situations that pose a threat to the climate and the environment

We encourage you to raise the concern directly through our whistleblower Communication Channel, which is provided by a third party, WhistleB*.

The service has been set up to ensure confidentiality and to protect the rights of the involved parties. We encourage you to be open with your identity, but you may choose to be anonymous, where permitted by law.

The Communication Channel enables a two-way communication between the whistleblower and the company. You will be provided a PIN and a Password. Please ensure that you keep these as this will enable you to log into the website, check the status of your report, submit any follow-up questions or update the report.

The Communication Channel can be applied on any device, including smart phones by using the following URL: https://report.whistleb.com/Varenergi.

You do not need proof of your suspicions, but all messages must be made in good faith. Vår Energi will not implement sanctions against anyone reporting in a responsible manner.


* WhistleB ensures the anonymity of the whistleblower. The service is separate from the organisation´s IT environment. WhistleB does not track IP addresses or other data that could identify a person sending a message. Messages are encrypted and can only be decrypted by designated individuals. WhistleB cannot decrypt and read messages.” Source: WhistleB